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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We have dogs and litters in both British Columbia Canada and Western Montana.   We are staying near family in the States while we build a house in the Okanagan.  We appreciate and enjoy our clients and as we frequently get requests for puppies from British Columbia for the puppies we have in the States we deliver pups to the border.  Due to border regulations, as a breeder, we are not able to take pups across the border,  so we are happy to bring them to the border.  It is easy to take a puppy across the border as a pet.  

What do you breed?

We breed Mini Aussies and Mini Aussiedoodles.  

Are your dogs registered?

Our adult dogs are registered with either AKC or ASDR.  Mixed breed dogs cannot be registered as they are not purebred but they are all bred from registered dogs.

Are your dogs health tested?

Yes, our dogs are genetically health tested.  We use these test results to guide our breeding decisions.

Do you dock tails?

No, we do not dock tails.  All tails are left natural. 

Can we visit the puppies?

Visits are reserved for families that are on our deposit list and are ready to choose their puppy.  If you would like to be on our deposit list, please contact us.

Is it safe to let my puppy play with other dogs before their vaccinations are complete?

Your puppy will come home after having recently received his first set of puppy shots.  He will not be immune to Parvo until after his 3rd set.  Parvo is frequently fatal.  Your puppy should only be exposed to a small number of dogs that belong to trusted friends and family in order to keep him safe.  Please also ask your veterinarian about Parvo.

Why does feeding grain free food void your health guarantee?

Recent studies have shown that feeding a grain free food is not the healthiest thing for your dog.  The grains have been replaced with legumes and they effect hormones, which in turn effects the heart function.  Please find a good article about it here.

Do Aussiedoodles Shed?

Auddiedoodles shed on a spectrum, it is not an either/or.  The amount of shedding from an aussiedoodle depends on the shedding gene itself, and is determined also by how curly the coat is and the pups furnishings.  With that being said, Aussiedoodles all shed much less than a purebred Aussie.  The greatly diminished shedding is one of the many benefits to owning an Aussiedoodle

What do the different cross breed terms mean?  For example, F1, F1b, F2, multigenerational?

An F1 is a first generation cross breed.  

    50% aussie/50% poodle

We frequently have F1 Aussiedoodles avaialble


F1B  Is a breedback to one of the purebred breeds

This is typically done by breeding an F1 to a purebred poodle

    25% aussie/75% poodle

We will occasionally have these  puppies available


F2B is a cross between an F1 and an F1B

           37.5% aussie/62.5% poodle

We will occasionally have these puppies available.


At North Lake, our goal is to produce Multigeneration Aussiedoodles.  A multigenerational aussiedoodle is the result of several generations of Aussiedoodle being bred for desirable characteristics.  At North Lake, our goal is to produce aussiedoodles that benefit from the lower shedding genetics of the poodle, while maintaining as close to 50% of each breed as possible.   The benefit of multigenerational Aussiedoodles is consistency in the type of coat and conformation. 

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